Location Packages

Global production experience & a trusted team of creative professionals

All-inclusive, on location cinema packages for projects large and small.

On-location production is our specialty.

We’ve produced projects in over 30 countries for nearly 10 years and we’ve delivered some amazing visuals from all corners of the globe.  With so many moving parts on any commercial shoot – talent, schedules, crew, carnets, flights, transfers, gear, permits and insurance… we’ve seen it all and we’re here to help!

Whether you require a simple single camera setup or a complete cinema grade production, our world class team of producers can guide you through the whole process – concept through to completion.

  • 4K+ Cinema Grade Concept to Completion
  • Dedicated & Award Winning Production Team
  • Unrestricted Global Use on All Content
  • Aerial & Underwater Specialists
  • Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Experts (30+ Countries)
  • Social & Digital Media Packaged Content
  • Production Hubs Servicing Global Projects

In-House Services

Cost effective, time-based support to achieve your content goals.

In-House Services

Our in-house and secondment services allow you to achieve your content production goals quickly and cost effectively, without having to engage in long term agency retainers, or building a team from the ground up.  The time and cost involved in assembling a team of experienced content professionals can be  daunting, so we’re here to make things a little easier.

Our producers, editors and creative team are available for short term in-house projects, whether that be for a period of a few weeks or a few months. Whether it’s a Producer, Creative Director or Project Manager you need in-house, we can help! With the backing and resources of our studio based team and our extended  network across the globe, anything is possible.

  • Low cost, temporary talent acquisition
  • Remote / Off-site options
  • Flexible time and scope of engagement
  • Multi-site, Project or Brand based
  • Supported by our Head Office and Network

Social & Digital Services

Help your content come to life and connect with your perfect audience.

Social & Digital

Great content is nothing without solid strategy and effective distribution.

We were the first content company to deliver social content as a standard inclusion in film production packages. We understand the need to maximise content and stretch creative budgets as far as they can go.

We work with some amazing social and digital strategists who can make your brand content come to life on a wide range of Social, Digital and Traditional Media platforms.


Cost effective, time based support to achieve your content goals.


As the first content studio to specialise in Luxury Travel and Lifestyle media, we’ve picked up some valuable knowledge throughout our journey.  Whether it’s content production, distribution, talent or trade shows, media analytics or global creative trends, we can help shape your brand’s strategy for market success.

Our LUXHD team can be engaged to consult on projects, brand campaigns, re-brand’s or relaunches, new properties, or on team building and training in content production and brand standards. We can also call upon our network or world class specialists to assist in specific projects areas.