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Experiential Cinema

Today’s reality is that high net worth consumers are thirsty for brands to provide something more than just a product or service – it’s personal recognition through relationship. Especially amidst our technologically immersed lives, where personal interactions seem to be decreasing in favour of digital activities.

This is why the pursuit of the transactional model for luxury brands is over.
What we call ‘Interactional Excellence’, where a personal experience and relationship is created and fostered, is critical to success. We believe that with the continued mobilisation of technology and dynamic media, that targeted communications through branded content will continue to be a foundation for premium brand loyalty and recognition.

We are brand film specialists with a long and successful track record in producing content for integrated marketing and 360 campaigns in the luxury brand space.

We provide detailed reporting of who, when and where your audience is engaging with your content. Platform independent, device independent and controlled by you. Outstanding quality, powerful reporting, feature rich and rock solid.

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Our brand film concepts include:

 Restaurant Brand Profiling
 Venue Guides
Accommodation Media
SPA Services
Membership Profiles & Sales
Destination Marketing Campaigns
Branded City Guides
Editorial Media Extensions
News and Update Packages (Internal & Public)
Internal Standards and Communications
Hosted Presentations and Guides
PR / Communications Collateral

Our extended services include:

 Television Commercial Production
 Media Team Training and Development
 Brand Consulting & Key Note Speaking
iOS & Android Development
 Event Production